Beautiful Faux Blooms

I’m always looking for ways to tread more lightly on our beautiful planet, so was really excited when Emily of Faux Bloom got in touch to tell me about their offering. The images speak for themselves as to what can now be achieved with faux flowers.

Faux flowers needn’t be a compromise and when Mother Nature shines on us, as she did this summer, they actually come into their own versus fresh flowers, which are prone to wilting in the heat.

Using faux flowers and hiring large or multiple arrangements such as centre pieces and garlands creates a huge reduction in transportation and waste compared to using fresh. Emily and her team use biodegradable oasis and cardboard for transport, with absolutely no cellophane or single use plastics in sight. All good news here 🙂

If it’s floral related, Faux Bloom can create it. From bouquets to buttonholes, stunning moongate arches to flower walls, the possibilities are endless. They also have an Aladdin’s cave of accessories to hire including candelabras, vases, signs and table plans. 

You can choose whether you hire or buy, so the flowers of your dreams, that may not have been affordable with fresh flowers, can be yours. That moongate arch, that floral wall or those stunning white blossom trees shall be yours. Faux Bloom will advise you and help you make the most of your budget.

Fresh flowers will surely continue to be the choice for many, but I think it’s great to see more sustainable options available, with zero compromise on style. I feel we are sure to see an increase over time of couples opting for faux.  

Emily says “Most of our clients had not even contemplated faux flowers until seeing our designs at shows or weddings”. I have to say I totally agree and hope that in sharing this, it will help spread the word. Don’t be afraid to go for the faux!

Find out more here and follow Faux Bloom here.

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